Elhuyar Hiztegia

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  • 1  pron. ø

    there's someone at the door: norbait dago atean

    there are two plates on the table: mahaian bi plater daude

    has there been an accident?: istripu bat gertatu da?

    is there any room for me?: badago lekurik niretzat?

  • 2  adv. hor; [further away] han

    I'm going there next week: hara noa datorren astean

    it's there, right in front of you!: hortxe dago, zure muturren aurrean!

    hello, is Bob there please?: kaixo, Bob hor dago?

  • 3  excl. ea, tira

    there, that's enough!: tira, nahikoa da!

  • be all there