Advantages of registering

If you register with the Elhuyar dictionaries website, apart from making dictionary consultations, you can enjoy the following advantages:

  • A free dictionary for Android devices (eu <->es )

  • A free dictionary for Kindle eReader (eu -> es)

  • Apart from the usual dictionary consultations, new content and services:

    • Additional notes on words (rules, use, etc.)

    • External links of interest relating to words

    • The option of compiling a list of your favourite words.

    • The option of retrieving your search history

    • The option of consulting more examples directly in the Elhuyar Web corpus

    • A comprehensive grammar section with help modules on writing in Basque

  • The language consultation service that will be answered by Elhuyar Language and Technology staff.

Who can register?

Elhuyar hiztegia euskara-gaztelania/castellano-vasco (4. edizioa) edo Elhuyar hiztegi txikia euskara-gaztelania/castellano-vasco (4. edizioa) paperezko hiztegietako bat erosi duen edozein erregistratu daiteke; bai norbanakoak bai erakundeak. Erosi duzun hiztegi bakoitzeko behin erregistratu ahal izango zara, eta erregistroa egin ondoren, bi urteko harpidetza izango duzu.

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How can I register?

Go to Registration the section and fill in the form that appears.

What is the registration code?

What is the registration code? You will be asked to supply the registration code on the registration form. You will find it on the first first page of the dictionary you have purchased registration code.

I am registered but I’ve forgotten my password

Click on the ‘Forgot your password?’ option and write your email address. You will receive your new password at that email address.

I am registered but I want to change my details

Click on the option ‘Have you bought a dictionary? Log in’ in the top, right-hand corner of the Elhuyar dictionaries website, and access your area. To do this, enter your user-name and password. You are in your section, in the section on the left My section part.

To get in touch

Write to this address if you wish to get in touch with us:

I wish to unsubscribe

If you wish to discontinue your registration, get in touch with us.